Dana is pleased to announce that she has received her second dose of Pfizer vaccine on June 17, 2021.

Communicable Disease plan - July 3, 2021

To allow for physiotherapy treatment, while minimizing risk of harm, the focus of the plan are to pre-screen, use education, physical distancing, hand hygiene, enhanced cleaning/disinfecting and personal protection equipment to help reduce the risk of transmission.

Until the College of Physiotherapists of BC clarifies with the PHO specifically regarding physiotherapy clinic/studio settings, masks are recommended in indoor settings for all people 12 and older who are not yet fully vaccinated.

Hi, I’m Dana D’Abreo.

I’m a Physiotherapist.
I support clients to move better, feel better and be continent and confident.

I have been a national team athlete. I have conquered cancer three times. I have been a physio for 20+ years and I teach individuals to incorporate core activation into everyday functional activities. As a mom of two I have first-hand knowledge on how pregnancies and children impact the body and posture.

Through most of the 1990’s, I was honoured to be a national athlete for Field Hockey Canada. I also graduated from the University of Toronto in 1996 and began a lifelong passion for helping others feel and move better as I began my career as a physiotherapist.

After seven years of working in a traditional clinic, I experienced burnout from my role as a Clinical Director of five multidisciplinary clinics. I started pilates to get back in shape for my return to the National field hockey team. It had such a positive impact on my outlook and my body that I became certified in the Stott Pilates Method.

After getting married, my husband and I moved to Vancouver, BC to return to the National field hockey team. I played for two more years and shared what I had learned about pilates with my teammates and realized that moving forward I would incorporate it into my profession.

The combination of physio and pilates is a great way to get clients more engaged with their core.

In 2003, I started ProActive Pilates, a health and wellness studio incorporating pilates, yoga and body rolling with eight instructors working under me. It was a fun and exciting period in my career, but it was also taxing emotionally and physically.

The winding road of life took many unexpected twists and turns. I retired from the National team to start a family, but that was delayed for three years, as I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, not once but twice. We had our first child in 2008 and as I worked harder and longer I learned that the pressures of work and motherhood could cost me my health. Motherhood is demanding, and when you add pain into the mix, it can become overwhelming. My core values of strength, flexibility and balance really began to take shape.

After enjoying the beach, the food and the lifestyle of Kitsilano for eight years, our family and ProActive Pilates moved to Port Coquitlam, BC in 2010 when we welcomed our second daughter into the world. In 2013, I underwent surgery for malignant melanoma, but I recovered quickly.  As our views towards health and our bodies shifts and evolves, so does the way I approach my work.

Professionalism, excellence and education are the backbone of my physiotherapy practice.

I continue to take many courses in women’s health, Stott Pilates, Pfilates, Zen-ga (fascial fitness) and Stretch Therapy. I teach my clients the techniques that improve core activation and stabilization patterns, mobility and agility. Postural changes implemented into your daily activities and creating symmetry and balance through repetition, will help reduce pain, stiffness and tension in the body.

At ProActive Pilates, clients will find much more than a physio treatment.

They may experience connection, emotional release and become more mindful of their body. I provide a safe haven to release the tension and stress that can impact every aspect of your life. Through it all I have stayed true to my core values, both in my inner and outer world. I am dedicated to serving my clients to do the same.

Nothing is more rewarding in my work, than to witness individuals living with strength, flexibility and balance.

Client Testimonial Headshot

"I can't rave enough about how much I recommend Dana! She is knowledgeable, skilled, caring, friendly, and thoughtful."

Tracey, Nurse

Client Testimonial Headshot

"Through working with Dana, I have been able to increase my mobility and in doing so I have been able to increase my strength in different movements."

Astrid, Exercise Physiologist

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"As a result of her knowlegeable coaching, I have a better understanding of how to effectively activate my core muscles. I feel stronger, more fit and have more energy to do functional daily activities thanks to Dana!"

Stacey, Occupational Therapist

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