Dana is pleased to announce that she has received her second dose of Pfizer vaccine on June 17, 2021.

Communicable Disease plan - July 3, 2021

To allow for physiotherapy treatment, while minimizing risk of harm, the focus of the plan are to pre-screen, use education, physical distancing, hand hygiene, enhanced cleaning/disinfecting and personal protection equipment to help reduce the risk of transmission.

Until the College of Physiotherapists of BC clarifies with the PHO specifically regarding physiotherapy clinic/studio settings, masks are recommended in indoor settings for all people 12 and older who are not yet fully vaccinated.

You have taken the first step, which reflects your desire to live pain free. After the initial assessment, we decide the treatment plan and work together privately or in a small group session.

Physiotherapy receipts are provided.  Please check with your extended benefit plan for specific coverage details and eligibility for reimbursement.

(1:1 ratio)

Woman doing pilates Woman on rowing machine

Private in-person sessions include a targeted one-on-one treatment which may include muscle energy techniques, Stretch Therapy, Fascial Release work, Roll Model Method ball release work, core muscle activation, Pilates mat exercises or Reformer machine exercises. Any home exercises and/or follow-up requirements will be discussed.

Tele-Rehabilitation (video call) appointments are also available at this time and can be booked online.

Costs are $160 for 60 minute sessions, $135 for 45 minute sessions and $90 for 30 minute sessions for in-person or tele-rehab appointments.  

We only accept e-transfers to [email protected] at this time. 

COVID – 19 Safety Plan/Protocols

To allow for the return of treatment, while minimizing risk of harm, the focus of the COVID-19 protocols are to pre-screen, use education, physical distancing, hand hygiene, enhanced cleaning and personal protection equipment to help reduce the risk of transmission.


1. Double screening of COVID symptoms – 1 day before and prior to appt.
2. Agree to abide by ProActive Pilates Safety Plan/Protocols
3. Complete etransfer for touchless payment and receipt will be sent by email after appt.
4. Park in driveway /gravel pad and stay in vehicle until phone call/text to enter
5. Stay 2 m. apart prior to having masks on
6. Washroom use if needed
7. Wash hands for 20 secs. or use hand sanitizer provided
8. Both client and physiotherapist will put on masks
9. Treatment
10.Wash hands before taking off mask, or if face touching, cough or sneeze occurs
11.Remove mask and discard if disposable
12.Exit and go directly to vehicle


1.  Double pre-screening of symptoms of COVID-19, travel and clients’ contacts– phone call 1 day prior to appointment, and before exiting vehicle just prior to appointment. COVID-19 Protocols will be explained to the client at this point and informed consent for treatment and physical contact will be obtained.
2.  Please note that self-assessment of symptoms will also be completed daily by the physiotherapist, and treatments will be cancelled if symptoms arise.
If you do have any symptoms, please call 811, cancel appointment or reschedule to tele-rehab appointment.

1.  To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is advised to not touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth or hair. 
2.  Tissues will be available for use in treatment rooms and washroom.
3.  Clients should use a clean tissue if needing to itch their face, or to cover a cough or sneeze. Used tissue will then be discarded into a closed lid garbage can.

1.  Clients must arrive unaccompanied if possible. If accompanied, physical distancing and pre-screening of companion must be completed as well.
2.  Client is required to wait in their vehicle in the driveway or gravel pad until called/texted by clinician to enter. Please complete e-transfer payment for session prior to the start of our appointment, check your appointment reminder email for specific details. 
3.  If a second vehicle (other than my grey VW E-Golf) is in the driveway or gravel pad, please wait until the client enters their vehicle before exiting your vehicle to ensure physical distancing is maintained.
4.  The entry gates will be left open and/or the clinician will open all exterior and treatment room doors. Exterior door will be locked during sessions to ensure no one else has access the studio during your treatment.
5.  Once the client enters studio, we will ensure 2m. or 6 ft. is distance is maintained between us, until our masks are on. The client and clinician will wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, followed by thoroughly drying hands. This will also be done on departure or after any sneezing or coughing.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will also be available for your use.  Hand-washing guidelines are posted.
6.  The client and clinician will then put on a clean mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you at no cost.

1.  Dana has completed a webinar for COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control and completed an assessment of the studio and cleaning / disinfecting checklist has been completed.  COVID-19 approved hard-surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers will be used. 
2.  A 15 minute cleaning time between clients has been implemented.
3.  The studio set up has been altered to minimize contact and to allow for easier cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces. The Reformer has been moved into the big studio space.  No client access to the office room will be allowed at this time.
4.  All high touch surfaces including door handles, light switches, windows, washroom, sink, faucets, counters, cell phone, Ipad, chairs, stools, equipment, mats, treatment table and Reformer will be cleaned and disinfected between clients.
5.  All towels, head cloths, small equipment like balls and fitness circles will be washed, cleaned and disinfected.
6.  Tissues and paper towel will be available to use as a barrier when exiting the washroom.
7.  The windows will be open as much as possible to allow for air flow.


1.  Based on the recommendation from Infection Prevention and Control webinar and the comfort of the physiotherapist, a mask will be worn by the physiotherapist and the client due to the close contact for client and clinician during treatments.
2.  Eye protection is optional and will be implemented at the discretion of the physiotherapist.
3.  Hands will be washed with soap and water for 20 seconds (or hand sanitizer used) prior to putting on a mask and prior to taking off a mask.
4.  Gloves will available for your use if client requests it, or to be used at physiotherapist’s discretion.

Small Group Sessions
Currently not available due to COVID-19 protocols/precautions

After the initial assessment we can decide which is the best treatment for you to address your specific issues and goals.  These 50 minute sessions are appropriate for individuals with prior low back/pelvis/ hip injuries.

Core Rehab
Women doing pilates

These sessions will focus on increasing strength and flexibility and creating balance through a series of exercises aimed at improving core strength and stabilization.


Mon Tue Wed Thur
Stretch Therapy
Woman Stretching

In a safe and relaxing environment, allow an experienced and educated physiotherapist to cater a stretching program based on your unique needs and issues.


Mon Tue Wed Thur

An individual assessment is required before starting the small group sessions to determine proper muscle activation recruitment. The investment for an 8 week program is $520 ($65/session) at a fixed time and day of the week. The small group sessions run for 6-8 consecutive weeks. The 2021 schedule will be updated once COVID-19 Protocol allows. 

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"Since working with Dana, I have gone from chronic pain to being an avid hiker and have reclaimed my ability to swim, bike and take on three mini triathalons!"

Michelle, Office Manager

"I first contacted Dana when I was pregnant with my third child. I had significant pain associated with sciatica during my first two pregnancies. I truly credit Dana with making my third pregnancy and recovery, the smoothest of my pregnancies."

Shannon, Professor

"ProActive Pilates is excellent. Have gone myself and referred many patients and athletes to Dana."

Jack Taunton, Sports Medicine Physician

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