You have taken the first step visiting my website and it reflects your desire to live pain free. After the initial assessment, we decide the treatment plan and work together privately or in a small group session.

Physiotherapy receipts are provided.  Please check with your extended benefit plan for specific coverage details and eligibility for reimbursement.

(1:1 ratio)

Woman doing pilates Woman on rowing machine

Private sessions include a targeted one-on-one treatment which may include muscle energy techniques, Stretch Therapy, core muscle activation, Pilates mat exercises or Reformer machine exercises. Any home exercises and/or follow-up requirements will be discussed.

Costs are $140 for 50 minute sessions and $80 for 25 minute sessions.

Small Group Sessions
(1:3 ratio)

After the initial assessment we can decide which is the best treatment for you to address your specific issues and goals.  These 50 minute sessions are appropriate for individuals with prior low back/pelvis/ hip injuries.

Core Rehab
Women doing pilates

These sessions will focus on increasing strength and flexibility and creating balance through a series of exercises aimed at improving core strength and stabilization.


Mon Tue Wed Thur
6:00pm 5:15pm
Stretch Therapy
Woman Stretching

In a safe and relaxing environment, allow an experienced and educated physiotherapist to cater a stretching program based on your unique needs and issues.


Mon Tue Wed Thur

An individual assessment is required before starting the small group sessions to determine proper muscle activation recruitment.

The investment for an 8 week program is $440 ($55/session) at a fixed time and day of the week. The small group sessions run for 6-8 consecutive weeks.

The 2017 schedule is as follows:  Jan. 3rd – Feb. 24th, Feb. 27th – Apr. 28th (closed Mar. 10th-26th), May 1st – June 26th,  July 4th – Aug. 24th (closed July 31-Aug.7th), Sept. 5th – Oct. 26th, Oct. 30th – Dec. 14th.


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"Since working with Dana, I have gone from chronic pain to being an avid hiker and have reclaimed my ability to swim, bike and take on three mini triathalons!"

Michelle, Office Manager

"I first contacted Dana when I was pregnant with my third child. I had significant pain associated with sciatica during my first two pregnancies. I truly credit Dana with making my third pregnancy and recovery, the smoothest of my pregnancies."

Shannon, Professor

"ProActive Pilates is excellent. Have gone myself and referred many patients and athletes to Dana."

Jack Taunton, MD

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